A Short History of Villars Chapel

High in the front wall of the church is a marble block with this inscription:


A. D. 1868


In the early days of the pioneers there was built a log church called Fairview at the top of the hill above Cowan’s Creek on what may have been called the Wilmington-Blanchester Road about ½ mile northwest from where the road crossed the Cuba-Clarksville Road (Now the intersection of State Routes 350 and 730). There came a time when the old church had served its day, people began to want a new church. In 1867 the work was begun. The bricks were made and the logs for the lumber were cut and drug to the mill yard. The men who worked in the brick kiln built the first fire November 1, 1867.

John W. Villars and C.P. Richardson drug the logs to the mill in December 1867. The brick was made from the spot where the church stands. In 1868 the foundation was laid and the two story church building began its sheltering ministry. The first story was completed 1868 and used until March 21, 1869, when services were held upstairs. The sermon was preached by Isaiah Villars, nephew of builder James Villars.

The church is located 7 ½ miles from Wilmington and Blanchester and 4 miles from Cuba and Clarksville.